Monni Chiropractic Care clinic is situated in Gorseinon town centre. We provide professional, expert, evidence based patient care and treat patients suffering from neuromusculoskeletal disorders (nerves, muscles and joints) with a variety of techniques, including manipulation, acupuncture and soft tissue work. We also incorporate lifestyle and postural advice into the treatment. Both chiropractors are registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) and the British Chiropractic Association (BCA)

What do Chiropractors Treat?
Chiropractic uses a ‘hands on’ approach to healthcare without the use of surgery and drugs. Doctors of Chiropractic treat many neuromusculoskeletal complaints,such as:

• Acute and chronic back pain
• Acute and chronic neck pain
• Neck related headaches
• General aches & pains and in joints
• Frozen shoulder, shoulder pain
• Tennis elbow
• Joint pains, including osteoarthritis
• Prevention of migraine
• Sporting injuries

Consultations and Treatment
Your chiropractor will work to identify the source of your pain by talking to you about your complaint and through a thorough examination of the area. You will then be told what is wrong, what can be done about it and what you should expect from your treatment. Your treatment may start on the initial visit or within 1-2 days but maybe longer if there is a need for further investigation. The treatment may take several weeks depending on how long the pain/condition has been present. You may also be given an exercise sheet which will involve simple stretches or exercises specific to your complaint. Advice will also be given on how best to keep the complaint from returning.

Members of the BCA

Registered with the GCC